God, My Love

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


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It was a pure, excruciatingly exquisite moment of ecstasy.

A moment not long ago of blessed surrender, as to an impassioned suitor, pursuing me unceasingly, panting to embrace me in the consuming grace of invigorating Oneness.

It was communion with Love itself.

God, my Love.

God, my Life. Beingness itself.

Living peace. Living grace. Living compassion.

Where I love, Love increases.

Where I bless life, Life increases.

Where I engender peace, Peace increases.

Where I bestow grace, Grace increases.

Where I embody compassion, Compassion increases.

In these things, God increases.

This is God.

God, my Love. Boundless in eternity.

God, my most faithful Lover, who bids me share this Love.

"Share this feast of rapturous Joy! Share this Love! Share this Oneness!"

"That We may all be One!"

With God.

God, Our Love.



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